Falling Back to Earth

At the Gallery of Modern Art ( known as GOMA) in Brisbane, Australia is a remarkable current exhibition by the artist CaiGuo-Qiang. He has called it Falling Back to Earth, and he focuses on humanity’s relationship with nature, inspired by the unique landscapes of Queensland and Chinese scholarly paintings.  The exhibition consists of a number of immense installations, two of which feature replicas of animals.

In Heritage 99 animals from around the world gather to drink together from  a single pristine waterhole, blue water surrounded by white sand.   All is peace, and solemnity save for an intermittent drip of water from above that distorts the reflections for a few seconds.  The atmosphere of peace seems to communicate themselves to the children who attend, and they fall quiet.

Heritage contrasts strongly with  another huge and powerful installation Head On 2006.   99 replica wolves hurl themselves into the air in a graceful vertical loop, hit a glass wall and return to the beginning. The artist references the turbulent history of Berlin and its wall. Head On 2006 had a disturbing effect on this viewer. Some wolves appeared to have broken their backs in their fall.

Heritage 2013

Heritage 2013

WEB edit1992WEB1982

Head On 2006

Head On 2006


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